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Stuttgart, too, had humble beginnings. Over the centuries, the ducal horse farm has evolved into a modern metropolis. 

Today, the capital of Baden-Württemberg is the sixth-largest city in Germany with approximately 630,000 people.

Stuttgart is not only a significant hub for business, culture, education, and its automotive industry. The city is also a crucial location for universities and research institutions.

We host many cultural attractions, such as the State Theatre Stuttgart, the State Gallery Stuttgart, and the Natural History Museum. Beautiful and popular are the numerous green parks and gardens, such as Schlossgarten and Rosensteinpark.

Other highlights of the city include the Christmas market, the spring festival, numerous street festivals and the famous folk festival on the Cannstatter Wasen, which takes place every autumn and is one of the largest folk festivals in Germany.

Stuttgart is also a great base for exploring the nearby region, such as the picturesque town of Tübingen, Hohenzollern Castle, or the Black Forest.


Throughout the year, Stuttgart celebrates a variety of festivals and events that reflect the city's cultural diversity and sense of community: Spring Festival, Wine Village, JazzOpen, Kesselfestival, Hiphop Open, Culinary Days, Cannstatter Wasen, or Christmas Market...


Whether our historic Schlossplatz, the Schlossgarten as a green oasis in the heart of the city, the breathtaking view from the TV tower, the historic Markthalle, the Weißenhof Settlement, or the Grabkapelle at the WürttembergWürttemberg... Stuttgart is so diverse and simply beautiful.


Shows & Entertainment

Stuttgart offers a diverse selection of shows, theater performances, and cultural events. Whether it's the State Theatre, Opera House, Schauspielhaus, and Kammertheater, musicals at the SI-Centrum, variety shows at the Friedrichsbau, or a visit to the Renitenztheater – these should be on the to-do list during a visit to Stuttgart.

Art & Culture

Stuttgart offers a wide range of cultural experiences, whether it's in the realms of art, history, music, or theater. There's a diverse culture to be experienced for every taste.

Day trips in the surrounding area

The Solitude Palace perches on a hill above Stuttgart and impresses with its neoclassical architecture. It was once a retreat for dukes and now serves as a cultural and event venue.


How about a visit to Wilhelma, our unique zoological and botanical garden that houses an impressive variety of animals and plants? You can spend wonderful hours here.

Traveling with children

If you're planning a vacation in Stuttgart with children, there are many activities you and your family can enjoy. From Wilhelma to the Mercedes Benz Museum, as well as water parks and cinemas... 

By bicycle

Stuttgart is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and offers an incredible landscape that can be explored by bicycle. If you enjoy cycling and are visiting Stuttgart, be sure to take a bike tour through the city, vineyards, parks, or along the Neckar River. Here are some of the best bike tours in Stuttgart that you can try:


Surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains, it's worth exploring the 'Kessel' (the colloquial term for Stuttgart) on different trails. If you're an avid hiker, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the nature around the city. Here are some of the best hiking routes in Stuttgart:

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